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Pastor Lisa Shockley is definitely a gift from God to the body of Christ and a constant threat to the enemy’s plans. Her love for God, family and the people of God is evident as she works alongside her husband to advance the Kingdom of God. She is readily recognized as a mother figure, a mentor, a wife, a friend, and most importantly a child of God.


For several years, Pastor Lisa battled with illnesses that are deemed fatal for a large part of the population. Through it all, she remained faithful to God and continued to do whatever possible to continue working for the Lord. As God healed her He also anointed her with a special anointing for healing and deliverance. She has not taken this anointed charge lightly!

Pastor Lisa also has an anointing to coordinate. She diligently works alongside every ministry in the church to help ensure its success. Everything she puts her hands to do, God blesses. Pastor Lisa currently serves as the Pastor of Greater Works International Ministries. She has also served in several capacities including the counseling of married couples, the Young Women’s Christian Council (YWCC), the choir, the Pastor’s and Elder’s Wives, and as a Sunday School teacher. The anointing God has placed on her life is evident.

She along with her husband, (Bishop Travis C Shockley) are the proud parents of Ebony Nash (Husband Brandon), Latoya, and Taliesha Shockley. And grandparents of Breonna Nash, Brandon Nash jr., Chayim Nash, and Layla Caldwell.

On any given day if you ask Pastor Lisa Shockley what she enjoys, part of her response would include “working closely with my husband in the development of souls for glory, and establishing integrity in the home and in marital relationships.”

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